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As we tackle the responsibilities of our homes, families, and careers, we’re pulled in many directions. It may seem difficult—if not impossible—to carve out time to volunteer. And yet, there are great benefits to finding even an hour or two per year to make a contribution to our school community.

Fortunately, our Home and School Association makes it easy and convenient to volunteer as much or as little as you would like. While we welcome parents to become involved as chairs or members of our committees or as members of our Board, we’re thrilled that many others still opt to volunteer for specific events or in specific capacities.


If you’ve volunteered in the past, you may be familiar with Volunteer Spot. Volunteer Spot is an online service for volunteer communication and signup. If you’d like to help out with a Home and School event or activity, contact us and ask to be added to the list. That way, you’ll receive an email notification when it’s time to sign up for specific days, times, or tasks.


And remember, supporting our Home and School isn’t just for moms. We encourage big siblings, dads, grandparents, and other guardians to lend your helping hands, too. Every little bit helps—and makes a difference for our school and for your children!


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