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Box Tops for Education

General Mills gives 10 cents to Titus Elementary for each Box Tops logo collected or scanned. Parents are encouraged to send in any Box Tops they may find on the packaging of participating items around the house.  Volunteers are needed to count the Box Tops collected from the classrooms.  Store receipts can also be scanned using the new Box Tops mobile app.

KidStuff Book Sale

These books are on sale at the beginning of each year at the request of our families.  The KidStuff books offer a ton of discount coupons to many local attractions and shopping experiences.


Scholastic Book Fairs

In the Fall and Spring, Titus organizes Book Fairs, which allow the children the opportunity to purchase books for home reading. For the past several years, Home & School has provided each student with a voucher to use toward the purchase of a book. Volunteers are needed to “work” the bookstore by setting up, helping the kids shop, collecting money at a cash register, and cleaning up.

Titus Spirit Wear

Twice a year this committee offers the Titus community the opportunity to purchase items displaying the Titus name and logo. Generally items such as T-shirts, sweatshirts and other Titus gear are available.

Secret Shop

When the holidays arrive, our Secret Shop opens. This fun event gives every child the opportunity to buy a reasonably priced item or craft for family members during the holiday season. Volunteers are needed for shopping, organizing, making crafts, volunteering time the days of the Secret Shop, setting up and cleaning up. This is a very volunteer-intensive event.

Flower Sale

This sale occurs the week before Mother’s Day--offering a variety of six-pack annuals, small containers, and hanging baskets to be purchased by your children. Volunteers are needed to help set up, as well as to help the children shop during the sale. Cashiers are also needed.

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