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Volunteer Spotlight: Kerry Veith

When and how did you start volunteering with the Titus Home & School Association?

I started volunteering four years ago when my oldest, Jack, started at Titus. When I first started volunteering, I tried everything: Yearbook, Secret Shop, Homeroom parent, Box Top counting, Book Fair, Spring Fair, Toys for Tabor, KidStuff Book, Pancake Breakfast, Race For Education, Flower Sale, and Hospitality. Two years ago, I was voted on to the Board as Recording Secretary, and last year I served as Co-Vice President. In that role, I also helped organize the After School Activities.


What are your current volunteer activities?

I still do a little bit of everything when I can, but my two big focuses are the committees I chair: Yearbook and Secret Shop. I love them. They take a lot of man hours, but I have always had awesome volunteers. Besides, nothing beats the smiles on the kids’ faces when they shop at the Secret Shop (love that!) or see their picture in the yearbook!


Why did you decide to volunteer—especially in such a significant capacity?

When Jack started at Titus in first grade, we had lived in our house for over eight years. But because I always worked full time and my kids went to daycare/preschool where I worked, I didn't really know anyone. Jack even went kindergarten at his preschool. So I started volunteering so that I could meet people.

Also, I was used to being out of the house all day and liked to be busy, so it didn't seem like a sacrifice to me to spend a few hours a week volunteering. Once I started, I met so many great people. I got to know the staff at Titus and so many of the students. Volunteering really helped me feel like part of the Titus community.


How do you think Home & School benefits our school and our families?

I think some people would be surprised by how much Home & School does each year and what Titus would be like without it. Besides all the fun activities—like dances, Secret Shop, and After School Activities—the fundraising efforts and what Home and School gives back to the school are really significant. Every child gets to go on a field trip each year because of Home and School. Every child gets a free book from the book fair every year. And we have amazing technology in every Titus classroom in the way of Smart Boards. All of these things are because of the numerous volunteers who give their time.


I am now working outside the home again, so I know it’s hard to find time with work, school, sports, and activities. But there really are ways to help that just take an hour here or there—from helping with our Race for Education fundraiser, counting Box Tops, or just volunteering at events over the course of the year. It all makes a difference.

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