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Building Community. Supporting Education.

Our Home & School Association works year round to serve Titus students and families. Every fall, Titus families raise funds through our one-and-only fundraiser, Race for Education. The proceeds of Race for Education fund virtually all of our events and services throughout the school year.

Did You Know...?

Thanks to Race for Education—and the hard work and generous contributions of Titus parents and families—Home and School is able to provide a wide variety of services to our school community:

  •     The Home & School Association funds a substantial portion of field-trip costs for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

  •     Titus parents don’t pay a penny for 6th graders to enjoy a promotion ceremony and end-of-year celebration.

  •     Thanks to Home & School, no Titus student leaves our twice-yearly book fairs empty handed.

  •     Every classroom in Titus now has a smart board!

  •     Each year, Home & School funds a variety of teacher appreciation initiatives—including thousands of dollars in gift cards that our teachers use to purchase supplies or make other enhancements to their classrooms.

  •     All Titus students benefit from four assemblies every year.

  •     Titus families enjoy a host of fun—and free—activities.

  •     Titus students can get in the holiday spirit with our much-anticipated and much-loved Secret Shop.

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